Linux stuff and other musings about tech and web development

From Github Pages to Firebase, then to a VPS

This website is now hosted on a VPS

 Tech     2016-07-24

Ten things you need to do after installing Arch Linux

Turning a minimal installation into something enjoyable to use

 Tech     2016-05-25

How to use Data Files in Hugo: an example

A demonstration of using Data Files in a Hugo-powered site

 Tech     2016-05-19

How I deploy my Hugo site to my webserver

This is how I deploy this website

 Tech     2016-05-16

How to customise categories and tags URLs in Hugo

Generate pages for categories or tags on any URLs with Hugo

 Tech     2016-05-13

Hugo vs. Jekyll: a showdown of static site generator

A newcomer of static site generator taking on the big brother

 Tech     2016-05-11

How to create a super-fast Jekyll site

Supercharge a Github-hosted Jekyll site with Gulp tasks and Cloudflare

 Tech     2016-05-06

Jekyll: a static site generator

Why I moved from Wordpress to Jekyll

 Tech     2016-05-06

My Linux Rig

Learn more about Linux and my Linux setup

 Tech     2016-04-15

Flat-Plat-Blue: A GNOME/GTK Theme

A new theme based on Flat-Plat Theme

 Tech     2016-04-11