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My Sister

A forbidden love

 Short Stories     2016-08-30

The Coffee Shop

In a place where people come and go, he isn’t sure if he wants to bump into her

 Short Stories     2016-07-27

Sorrow in the Dark

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-06-15

He who does not forget

In his quest to forget the past, he gets more burden into his mind

 Short Stories     2016-05-24

My life did not go on

“My life without you isn’t my life any more”

 Poetry     2016-05-19

I waited for your call

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-05-19

I think about you to dream of you

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-05-13

We were all once young and dumb

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-05-13

You are the antidote to my pain

A little poem

 Poetry     2016-04-15

I was the lone passenger, until…

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-04-14