We were all once young and dumb

A sonnet

I sat and thought about the distant past
When we were all once young and very dumb.
I gave you up for love which hardly last:
The love which broke my heart; regrets to come.

I needed you to heal my wounded soul,
But you were hurt as much and left the place.
I looked for you with my heart hardly whole,
With tears flow like little streams on my face.

When we met again, you’d fallen for him,
My soul was once again crushed and destroyed.
Would my life have been so dark and so grim
Had I known she was the love to avoid?

I wished we didn’t let it slip away,
That we should not have let our dear love stray.

 Poetry    13 May, 2016
 Sonnet    Poem    Love    Loss  
Copyright © Peter Y. Chuang 2019

Peter Y. Chuang


Peter Y. Chuang is a novelist, short story writer, and a music critic. When he’s not writing or reading, he’s probably listening to classical music or tinkering with his computers. He uses Linux (current distro of choice: Arch Linux). Read more about his Linux stuff.

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