I waited for your call

A sonnet

I watched my phone and waited for your call
But never heard from you nor seen your trace.
The endless waiting made my anguish tall,
My heart was pumping fast like running race.

The wine had not my poor nerve calmed the least,
The music roused my soul with bitter rage.
I closed my eyes and wished my pain decreased,
The storm in me was trapped within a cage.

My tears were falling through the stale sad air,
Your face appeared inside my drunken mind:
A face which meant beyond just sweet and fair,
But a heart more than just gentle and kind.

I love your face your heart your mind your soul,
A love unceased until the earth grows old.

 Poetry    19 May, 2016
 Sonnet    Poem    Love    Loss  
Copyright © Peter Y. Chuang 2019

Peter Y. Chuang


Peter Y. Chuang is a novelist, short story writer, and a music critic. When he’s not writing or reading, he’s probably listening to classical music or tinkering with his computers. He uses Linux (current distro of choice: Arch Linux). Read more about his Linux stuff.

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