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On Herbert von Karajan

Like him or not, he remains one of the great conductors

 Essays     2018-12-07

The Case Against Audiophile

The pursuit of the perfect sound comes at the expense of music itself

 Essays     2018-10-05

Operas and Their Absurd Stories

As a form of storytelling, operas have some of the most ridiculous stories ever told

 Essays     2016-07-05

On being yourself

We may all want to change part of ourselves, but there are something untouchable within all of us

 Essays     2016-05-18

On musical structure and storytelling

If a novel is like a symphony, a well-crafted short story is like a piano piece by Chopin

 Essays     2016-05-16

On happy endings

Real lives are boring and ambiguous

 Essays     2016-05-11

On reading Marcel Proust: Part 1

Why you should read ‘In Search of Lost Time’ and stop using Facebook

 Essays     2016-04-22

Under the umbrella

A reflection on the Umbrella Revolution (2014) on its first anniversary

 Essays     2015-09-28