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La Soledad

A beautifully nostalgic Spanish-language song

 Music     2016-07-02


She had always dreamt of being a painter, but she became one only after she’d killed someone

 Short Stories     2016-07-02

Peter I. Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence

String Sextet in D minor

 Music     2016-06-29

Sorrow in the Dark

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-06-15

Gustav Mahler: Piano Quartet

The only chamber work by Gustav Mahler

 Music     2016-06-05

He who does not forget

In his quest to forget the past, he gets more burden into his mind

 Short Stories     2016-05-24

My life did not go on

“My life without you isn’t my life any more”

 Poetry     2016-05-19

I waited for your call

A sonnet

 Poetry     2016-05-19

On being yourself

We may all want to change part of ourselves, but there are something untouchable within all of us

 Essays     2016-05-18

On musical structure and storytelling

If a novel is like a symphony, a well-crafted short story is like a piano piece by Chopin

 Essays     2016-05-16