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On Herbert von Karajan

Like him or not, he remains one of the great conductors

 Essays     2018-12-07

The Case Against Audiophile

The pursuit of the perfect sound comes at the expense of music itself

 Essays     2018-10-05

The Longest Distance

Returning to the world he’d left, he discovered what he missed most

 Short Stories     2016-10-23

My Sister

A forbidden love

 Short Stories     2016-08-30

Franz Schubert: Grand Duo, D 812

Schubert’s finest work for piano duo

 Music     2016-08-26


A place where I find all I want

 Misc     2016-08-14


A city defined by its Cathedral

 Misc     2016-08-05


A journey that wasn’t meant to be

 Misc     2016-08-05

The Coffee Shop

In a place where people come and go, he isn’t sure if he wants to bump into her

 Short Stories     2016-07-27

Operas and Their Absurd Stories

As a form of storytelling, operas have some of the most ridiculous stories ever told

 Essays     2016-07-05